Notice regarding Chemistry Olympiad 21 Sep,2019

The IISU Chemical Association of IIS (deemed to be university), Jaipur, is planning to celebrate International Year of Periodic Table (IYPT) 2019 - “Know your Elements” on the 4-5 October 2019.  The year 2019 has been declared as the International Year of Periodic Table of Chemical Elements by UNESCO, as part of its commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the establishment of Mendeleev`s Periodic Table of Elements, one of the most significant and influential achievements of Science.
As part of the celebrations in the first phase, the IISU Chemical Association announces a Chemistry Olympiad based on the Periodic Table for the Undergraduate and Postgraduate students of Science, to be held on 21 September 2019. This activity is being planned in order to promote a better and deeper understanding of scientific facts pertaining to the Periodic Table.