Departmental Notices

Event Date Notice 
Research Colloquium Series 13 -17 Aug 2021 Link
E-Resources for the persual of students - Link
Reseach and Innovation: Exploring Gendered Challenges 9 Feb 2021 Link
International Webinar on Scientific Writing 27-28 Nov.-2020 Link
Industrial Visit: Mayur Uniquoters 11-Dec- 2019 Link
Workshop : Instrumental Techniques 24- oct-19 Link
Workshop: Demonstration for the preparation of soap, hand wash  and detergent 16- Oct -2019 Link
Celebration of International Year of Periodic Table IYPT-2019 4-5 Oct 2019 Link
Chemistry Olympiad 21 Sep 2019 Link
Guest Lecture on Organic Reactions and Related Mechanisms by Prof. S. D. Samant 18-21 Sep 2019 Link
Guest Lecture on  safety measures in laboratory by Dr. Meena Nagar 16-Sep- 2019 Link
Workshop: Chromatographic Techniques 10- Aug -2019 Link
Workshop : Drying of Solvents 23- July- 2019 Link
Guest Lecture on Computational Chemistry by Dr. Tanmoy Chakraborty 22-25 July 2019 Link
Guest Lecture on Contribution of Mathematics in Chemistry by Dr. Surendra Agarwal 20- July-2019 Link
Poster competition: Importance of biomolecule 19-20 July 19 Link
Workshop: An Introduction to ChemDraw 26 Aug 2018 Link
International Conference- "Recent Developments in Chemical Research" 1-2 Feb 2019 Link
Industrial Visit: Ayushraj Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. 11 Oct 2018 Link
Slogan writing competition 16 Sep 2018 Link
Seminar: “Cheminformatics” and “Pharmacoinformatics” by Prof. Krishna Mishra 27-28 Jul 2018 Link
Curriculum Development Workshop 28-29 Apr 2018 Link
Guest Lecture on Advanced Stereochemistry by Dr. P. S. Kalsi 19-20 Mar 2018 Link
Guest Lecture on Fundamentals of Supramolecular Chemistry by Dr. Jaya Dwivedi 14 Mar 2018 Link
On the spot essay writing competition 28 Feb 2018 Link
Industrial Visit: Bharat Industries 31 Oct 2017 Link
Guest Lecture on Anticancer Agent: Design using Structural Biology by Dr. P. V. Bhartam  9 Oct 2017 Link
Guest Lecture on Interplay of kinetic and thermodynamic controls in organic reactions by Prof. S. D. Samant 27 Sept 2017 Link
Seminar Scientific Writing 5 Sept 2017 Link
Poster competition 23 Aug 2017 Link
Workshop: Solvent drying and Chromatography 16-18 Aug 2017 Link
Workshop: Chemdraw 12 Aug 2017 Link
Seminar: Peramivir-BCX 1812 From idea to Drug 2 Mar 2017 Link
National conferences on “New Vistas in Chemical Research”. 18-19 Jan 2017 Link
Poster Exhibition 19-20 Oct 2016 Link
Industrial visit: MayurUniquoters, Dhodsar, Jaipur 7 Oct 2016 Link
Seminar: Scientific Writing and Research Methodology 10 Sep 2016 Link
Workshop: An Introduction to ChemDraw 30 Aug 2016 Link
Workshop: Skill Development Workshop for Low Earning Group 18-19 Mar 2016 Link
Guest lecture on Deep Eutectic Solvents and Ionic Liquids by Dr. Siddharth Pandey 20 Feb 2016 Link

Seminar: Drug Designing and Computational Chemistry

20 Oct 2015 Link
Seminar: Scientific Writing and Research Methodlogy 14 Sep 2015 Link
A Report on Research Activity (2015 – 2016) 2-3 Sep 2015 Link
Tentative Academic Calendar 2014-15 Link
Workshop: Demonstration of Drying of Solvents 2-3 Sept 2015 Link
Guest lecture on "Quantum and Computational Chemistry” by Prof. P.V.Bharatam 23 Aug 2015 Link
Workshop: An Introduction to ChemDraw 5 Aug 2015 Link

Guest Lecture on "Making Olefin Metathesis work-recent results in Ruthenium Catalysis Design and Applications"

3 Mar 2015 Link
Industrial Visit: Team Testing Laboratory, Sitapura, Jaipur 26-Feb-15 Link
NCCT-2014 16-18 Oct 2014 Link
Industrial Visit: Team Testing Laboratory, Sitapura, Jaipur 4 Dec 2013 Link
Departmental Research Activity 3 Aug13 -28 Sep 13 Link
Guest Lecture on "100 years of allopathic medicine” 7 Jul 2013 Link
Poster Exhibition on "International day for the preservation of the ozone layer" 15 Sept 2012 Link
Symposium: A part of celebration of  International Day for preservation of ozone layer 15 Sept 2012 Link
Guest Lecture (Series) 10-20 Feb 2012 Link
A Series of Guest Lecture: Scientific Writing 15-25 Nov 2011 Link
Field Visit: Shri Krishna Rolling Mills, Jhotwara, Jaipur
9 Nov 2011 Link
Poster Making Competition: Recent Advances in Chemistry    
16-17 Sept 2011 Link
Workshop: Techniques of Thin Layer Chromatography
10 Sept 2011 Link
A Series of Guest Lecture:  Computational Chemistry    
18-22 Jul 2011 Link
Guest Lecture 18 Apr  2011 Link
Guest Lecture 8 Apr  2011  
National Symposium: Organic Synthesis
18-19 Feb 2011  
Industrial Visit:
Jaipur Saree Prints,
V.K.I.A., Jaipur
9 Oct 2010  
Industrial Visit:
Birla Institute of Scientific Research (BISR), Jaipur
24 Sept 2010  
Basic Concepts in Green Chemistry
10 Feb 2010  
Guest Lecture:
An Introduction to computational chemistry
1 Feb 2010  
Guest Lecture 9 Sept 2010  
Guest Lecture 5 Sept 2009  
Guest Lecture:
Substitution Reaction and Metallation
26 Feb 2008  
Guest Lecture 23 Feb 2008  
National Workshop:
 Photoanalytical Chemistry
7 -9 Mar 2007