Departmental Activities

Name of the activity
(Guest Lecture /Conference/Seminar)
Date Reports
Research and Innovation: Exploring Gendered Challenges 9-Feb-2021 View Report
International Webinar on Scientific Writing 27-28 Nov.-2020

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Industrial Visit: Mayur Uniquoters 11-Dec- 2019 View Report
Workshop : Instrumental Techniques 24- oct-19 View Report
Workshop: Demonstration for the preparation of soap, hand wash  and detergent 16- Oct -2019 View Report
Celebration of International Year of Periodic Table IYPT-2019 4-5 Oct 2019 View Report
Chemistry Olympiad 21 Sep 2019 View Report
Guest Lecture on Organic Reactions and Related Mechanisms by Prof. S. D. Samant 18-21 Sep 2019 View Report
Guest Lecture on  safety measures in laboratory by Dr. Meena Nagar 16-Sep- 2019 View Report
Workshop: Chromatographic Techniques 10- Aug -2019 View Report
Workshop : Drying of Solvents 23- July- 2019 View Report
Guest Lecture on Computational Chemistry by Dr. Tanmoy Chakraborty 22-25 July 2019 View Report
Guest Lecture on Contribution of Mathematics in Chemistry by Dr. Surendra Agarwal 20- July-2019 View Report
Poster competition: Importance of biomolecule 19-20 July 19 View Report
Workshop: An Introduction to ChemDraw 26 Aug 2018 View Report
International Conference- "Recent Developments in Chemical Research" 1-2 Feb 2019 View Report
Industrial Visit: Ayushraj Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. 11 Oct 2018 View Report
Slogan writing competition 16 Sep 2018 View report
Seminar: “Cheminformatics” and “Pharmacoinformatics” by Prof. Krishna Mishra 27-28 Jul 2018 View Report
Curriculum Development Workshop 28-29 Apr 2018 View Report
Guest Lecture on Advanced Stereochemistry by Dr. P. S. Kalsi 19-20 Mar 2018 View Report
Guest Lecture on Fundamentals of Supramolecular Chemistry by Dr. Jaya Dwivedi 14 Mar 2018 View Report
On the spot essay writing competition 28 Feb 2018 View Report
Industrial Visit: Bharat Industries 31 Oct 2017 View Report
Guest Lecture on Anticancer Agent: Design using Structural Biology by Dr. P. V. Bhartam  Oct 2017 View Report
Guest Lecture on Interplay of kinetic and thermodynamic controls in organic reactions by Prof. S. D. Samant 27 Sept 2017 View Report
Seminar Scientific Writing 5 Sept 2017 View Report
Poster competition 23 Aug 2017 View Report
Workshop: Solvent drying and Chromatography 16-18 Aug 2017 View Report
Workshop: Chemdraw 12 Aug 2017 View Report
Seminar: Peramivir-BCX 1812 From idea to Drug 2 Mar 2017 View Report
National conferences on “New Vistas in Chemical Research”. 18-19 Jan 2017 View Report
Poster Exhibition 19-20 Oct 2016 View report
Industrial visit: MayurUniquoters, Dhodsar, Jaipur 7 Oct 2016 View report
Seminar: Scientific Writing and Research Methodology 10 Sep 2016 View report
Workshop: An Introduction to ChemDraw 30 Aug 2016 View Report
Workshop: Skill Development Workshop for Low Earning Group 18-19 Mar 2016 View report
Guest lecture on

Deep Eutectic Solvents and Ionic Liquids by Dr. Siddharth Pandey
20 Feb 2016 View Report

Seminar: Drug Designing and Computational Chemistry

20 Oct 2015 View report
Seminar: Scientific Writing and Research Methodlogy 14 Sep 2015 View Report
A Report on Research Activity (2015 – 2016) 2-3 Sep 2015 View report
Tentative Academic Calendar 2014-15 View Report
Workshop: Demonstration of Drying of Solvents 2-3 Sept 2015 View Report
Guest lecture on "Quantum and Computational Chemistry” by Prof. P.V.Bharatam 23 Aug 2015 View Report
Workshop: An Introduction to ChemDraw 5 Aug 2015 View Report

Guest Lecture on "Making Olefin Metathesis work-recent results in Ruthenium Catalysis Design and Applications"

3 Mar 2015


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Industrial Visit: Team Testing Laboratory, Sitapura, Jaipur 26-Feb-15 View Report
NCCT-2014 16-18 Oct 2014 View Report
Industrial Visit: Team Testing Laboratory, Sitapura, Jaipur 4 Dec 2013 View Report
Departmental Research Activity 3 Aug13 -28 Sep 13 View Report
Guest Lecture on "100 years of allopathic medicine” 7 Jul 2013 View Report
Poster Exhibition on "International day for the preservation of the ozone layer" 15 Sept 2012 View Report
Symposium: A part of celebration of  International Day for preservation of ozone layer 15 Sept 2012 View Report
Guest Lecture (Series) 10-20 Feb 2012  
A Series of Guest Lecture: Scientific Writing 15-25 Nov 2011 View Report
Field Visit: Shri Krishna Rolling Mills, Jhotwara, Jaipur
9 Nov 2011 View Report
Poster Making Competition: Recent Advances in Chemistry    
16-17 Sept 2011 View Report
Workshop: Techniques of Thin Layer Chromatography
10 Sept 2011 View Report
A Series of Guest Lecture:  Computational Chemistry    
18-22 Jul 2011 View Report
Guest Lecture 18 Apr  2011  
Guest Lecture 8 Apr  2011  
National Symposium: Organic Synthesis
18-19 Feb 2011  
Industrial Visit:
Jaipur Saree Prints,
V.K.I.A., Jaipur
9 Oct 2010 View Report
Industrial Visit:
Birla Institute of Scientific Research (BISR), Jaipur
24 Sept 2010  View Report
Basic Concepts in Green Chemistry
10 Feb 2010 View Report
Guest Lecture:
An Introduction to computational chemistry
1 Feb 2010 View Report
Guest Lecture 9 Sept 2010 View Report
Guest Lecture 5 Sept 2009  
Guest Lecture:
Substitution Reaction and Metallation
26 Feb 2008 View Report
Guest Lecture 23 Feb 2008  
National Workshop:
 Photoanalytical Chemistry
7 -9 Mar 2007