Guest lecture on Fundamentals of Supramolecular Chemistry

A guest lecture was organized by the Department of Chemistry, The IIS University on 14 March 2018 with Dr. Jaya Dwivedi, Head, Department of Chemistry, Banasthali Vidyapith, Banasthali as the Guest Speaker.The topic of discussion was Fundamentals of Supramolecular Chemistry.

Various important topics were discussed like advent of modern supramolecular chemistry, molecular recognition, pre-organisation, co-operativity, complementarity, nature of supramolecular interactions, cation binding hosts which included crown ethers, cryptands, siderophores and calixarenes. Anion binding hosts like hexacyclen, cyclophane, porphyrin guanidinium-based hosts, organometallic hosts were also described. Neutral hosts were also talked about. Anticrowns were also discussed by Dr. Dwivedi.

The lecture was very informative. The lecture was of great benefit to the students and enriched them with the fundamentals of Supramolecular Chemistry.


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