Guest Lecture: Interplay of kinetic and thermodynamic controls in organic reaction




Date:   27/9/2017

Venue: A.V hall

Speaker: Prof. S. D. Samant, Department of Chemistry, ICT, Mumbai


A guest lecture was organized by the Department of Chemistry, The IIS University on 27 September, 2017 with Prof. S. D. Samantas the Guest Speaker. The topic of discussion was Interplay of kinetic and thermodynamic controls in organic reactions.

Various issues related to chemical reaction like material used, stoichiometry, unit process, waste generated, hazards and risks associated, energy requirements were discussed. The concept of Energy used and cost was highlighted. A guiding principle of organic synthesis was analyzed which stated “Higher yield, more selectivity and lesser time”.

Reaction can be controlled kinetically or thermodynamically by playing with temperature and time. Hammond postulate of transition state resembles that state closer to it in free energy was the basis of explanation. Various reactions like E2 Elimination, Diels-Alder Reaction, Enolate formation, Ylide reaction, Micheal addition were described. Also the stability of ortho, para, meta products was explained.

The lecture was very informative and had a great practical approach. The lecture was of great benefit to the students and enriched them with the fundamentals of Organic Chemistry.