Workshop: An Introduction to ChemDraw



Date: August 30, 2016

Venue: C-506

Demonstrator: Dr. Neetu Khandelwal, Department of Chemistry, The IIS University, Jaipur

No. of Participants: 45

Objective of the workshop: The knowledge of ChemDraw, software to generate chemical structures is essential for the students to prepare chemical structures of organic and inorganic chemistry. They can present their work in a effective and proper manner with ChemDraw. With this aim we have planned to organize this workshop.

A demo cum lecture on ChemDraw was delivered by Dr. Neetu Khandelwal for B.Sc. (H), M.Sc. students and at the IIS University campus. She made the students familiar with the software ChemDraw. Dr. Neetu Khandelwal wonderfully simplified the use of ChemDraw software which helps the students to efficiently draw the simple 2-dimensional structures of organic molecules, chemical formulae and reaction schemes required for their seminar reports, publications and thesis. After the demonstration some simple structures were drawn by the students.

After the workshop the students will able to draw the structures of different organic molecules, do modifications in the structure as per requirement.


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