Functionalized Organic Compounds-I

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CHY- 302
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To learn about reaction and reactivity of some specific functional groups.


Unit I: 
Chemistry of Alkyl Halide

Pre requisite: SN2 and SN1 reactions, Saytzeff’s and Hoffmann rules.

Substitution reactions: introduction, stereochemistry and factors affecting reactivity in substitution reactions.
Elimination reactions: introduction, β elimination reactions – E2 and E1 reactions, orientation in β elimination reactions.
Substitution v/s elimination.
Self Study: Methods of preparation ,  other important reactions of alkyl halides.

Unit II: 
Reactivity of Vinylic, Arylic, Allylic and Benzylic Substrates

Lack of reactivity of vinyl and aryl halide under SN1 andSN2 condition, elimination reaction of vinyl halide.
Nucleophilic substitution reaction of aryl halides: addition-elimination mechanism, elimination-addition (benzyne) mechanism; reactions involving allylic and benzyliccarbocations, allylic and benzylic SN2 reactions.

Unit III: 
Monohydric Alcohols

Introduction, classification, methods of formation by reduction of aldehydes,  ketones, carboxylic acid and esters, biological oxidation of ethanol, hydrogen bonding, acidic nature-comparison with thiols, effect of solvents and polarity,reactions of alcohols.

Unit IV: 
Dihydric and Trihydric Alcohols

Method of preparation, chemical reactions of vicinal glycols, oxidative cleavage with [Pb(OAc)4] and HIO4; Pinacol- pinacolone rearrangement.
Trihydric alcohols: introduction, method of preparation andchemical reactions of glycerol
Self Study: Nomenclature

Unit V: 
Chemistry of Phenols

Introduction, acidic character, comparative acidic strength of alcohol and phenol; reactions of phenols – electrophilic aromatic substitution, acylation and carboxylation, Fries rearrangement, Claisen rearrangement, Gattermann synthesis, Houben–Hoesch reaction, Lederer–Manasse reaction, Reimer-Tiemann reaction.
Self Study: Preparation of phenols.

Essential Readings: 
  1. Organic Chemistry; Fourth Edition; G. Marc Loudon; OxfordUniversity Press, New York, 2002.
  2. Organic Chemistry; Sixth Edition; Robert Thornton Morrison & Robert Neilson Boyd; Prentice-Hall of India Pvt. Ltd , New Delhi, 2004.
  3. Organic Chemistry .Vol. I and II ;Singh, Mukherjee, Kapoor , Wiley Eastern Limited ,New Delhi ,1993.
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