Seminar: Drug Designing and Computational Chemistry

IIS (Deemed to be University) Jaipur



Name of the Department: Chemistry

Name of the Seminar: Drug Designing and Computational Chemistry

Date: October 20, 2015

Venue: Genpact room

Topic on which activity was organized: Drug Designing and Computational Chemistry

No. of Participants: 30

Objective of the seminar: The design of new drugs involves several steps. Variety of concepts of Chemistry is used in drug designing. The seminar is planned to acquaint the students with the drug development process and role of computational chemistry in it.


Description (max 500 words):

Drug designing is referred to as rational drug design or it is an inventive process of finding new medications based on the knowledge of a biological target. This type of modeling is often referred to as computer aided drug designing. Basically it relies on the knowledge of three dimensional structure of the bio molecular target, which is known as structure based drug design. Objective and quantitative data on the use of drugs in human bioinformatics information with an emphasis computer aided genome sequence modeling is also associated with computer aided drug designing.


Outcome of the seminar: After the workshop the students were able to understand the process of drug development and use of computational chemistry in molecular modeling.