Workshop: Demonstration of protocols for “Drying of Solvents”

IIS (Deemed to be University) Jaipur



Name of the Department: Chemistry

Name of the Workshop: Demonstration of protocols for “Drying of Solvents”

Date: 2nd-3rd September 2015

Venue: C 505

Topic on which activity was organized: Demonstration of protocols for “Drying of Solvents”

No. of Participants: 45

Objective of the workshop: In Chemistry, a variety of reactions involve non aqueous solvent systems. In such a reaction presence of water may result in explosion or violent reaction. Thus, it is imperative for a Chemistry student to know the process for drying of solvents.



A workshop on solvent drying has been conducted in the department of chemistry. Drying of solvent is a mass transfer process consisting of the removal of water or another solvent by evaporation from a liquid. Demonstration was made for the drying of the following solvents.

1. Toluene was dried by refluxing over sodium benzophenone and distilled under nitrogen, some other example of this category are ether, n-hexane diethylamine, THF etc.

2. Methylene chloride was dried by refluxing over phosphorus pentoxide followed by distillation. Some other examples of this category are acetonitrile, chloroform and carbon tetra chloride etc.



Outcome of the workshop:

The students were able to identify the correct technique and perform it for the drying of solvents available in the lab.